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Surgical Kits

Anatomics provides pre-planned surgical kits, designed in conjunction with surgeons, that facilitate informed consent, planning, surgical navigation, the creation of patient specific devices and selection of off-the-shelf devices.


SpineBox is an innovative, customised kit that uses individual patient CT scan data to create patient specific devices and pre-plan the selection of spinal fusion hardware in both open and minimally invasive spinal surgery. In minimally invasive approaches (such as TLIF) each SpineBox can include pre-selected standard fusion hardware with a patient specific SpineTube to access the surgical site and a skin-based SpineGuide to assist with initial guide wire placement. In open surgical approaches the pre-selected hardware is bundled with patient specific bone anchored SpineGuides for pedicle screw placement. An exact BioModel replica of the spine can also be supplied to assist with informed consent, surgical planning and navigation.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Anatomics has established Print3D Medical Supply Chain Solutions
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