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Anatomics Announced As Flagship Of Australian Government's BiomedTech Horizon's Fund

Anatomics was this week announced as a flagship project as part of the Federal Government’s $35 million BioMedTech Horizons fund program. More>>



Patient Receives First US Custom 3D Printed Sternum

New uses for 3D printers are being discovered every day.

One was recently used to create a new chest for a New York woman whose sternum was removed because of a rare cancer. More>>


Anatomics Delivers First 3D Sternum Implant in America

American Surgical Team Successfully Completes First 3D Printed Titanium and Polymer Sternum Implant Procedure in the United States On August 2, 2017. More>>


Business of Tomorrow 2017 Winner

Anatomics is proud be listed in the Top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow by Westpac from almost 2000 applications nationally. More>>


3D Prosthesis Pioneer A Man Of Many Parts

Paul D'Urso admits this, but not many of his peers unwind like he does: running medical technology company Anatomics, which has developed state-of-the-art, patient-specific implants and prostheses, as well as software that facilitates their design and 3D-printing. More>>

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How 3D Printing Could Revolutionize Surgery

Surgeon Gabriel Weston witnessed a remarkable UK first – an operation to implant a custom built 3D printed titanium sternum. More>>

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Victorian School 3D Prints Museum Artifacts

Students in Melbourne will soon be able to hold their own replica of the rare hobbit skull using an innovative 3D printer. More>>

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3D Printing Lab at Wollongong Private Hospital

Anatomics collaborate with Wollongong private hospital to create NSW's first in house 3D printing lab. More>>

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Custom Made Spine Implant

Anatomics spine implant to “fit perfectly in place, like a glove” for Dr Ralph Mobbs. More>>

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Custom Made Chest Implant

Anatomics design and manufacture a 3D printed titanium sternum and rib implant. More>>

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3D Printed Spine Cage Implant

Dr Marc Coughlan, RMIT and Anatomics collaborate to design and manufacture a 3D printed spine cage. More>>


Porous Facial Implants  

PoreStar Implants

Anatomics and CSIRO collaborate to create PoreStar, surgical implants from porous polyethylene. More>>

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3D Printed Titanium Ankle Implant

Prof Choong, CSIRO and Anatomics avoid leg amputation. More>>

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Hon. Ian MacFarlane Biomed launch

Anatomics hosts the Federal Minister for Industry to launch the Biomedical Manufacturing  Consortium. More>>

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Total Cranial Repair – The Netherlands

Anatomics works with Dr Bon Verweij to save a young girls life. More>>

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The Neurosurgeon's Bone Factory

Australia Unlimited uncovers the story of Anatomics and its founder Paul D'Urso. More>>