Custom Titanium Chest Implants

Reconstruct after thoracic surgery

Working with thoracic surgeons, Anatomics has developed a novel and innovative custom titanium implant to reconstruct central chest wall defects after a wide resection (of tumour) that includes the sternum. The implant is derived from the patient’s own CT scan to accurately contour the chest and meet the resected rib ends.


Implant Properties

Made from surgical grade titanium

Custom made to fit the rib ends after resection

Provided sterile or non-sterile


  1. CT scan to be performed with arms down as per Anatomics CT scan protocol
  2. CT data & order details sent via AnatomicsRx ordering software
  3. Surgeon provides resection margins and design preferences online using AnatomicsC3D
  4. Anatomics creates a prototype design using 3D software
  5. An implant prototype can be made and sent with the resection template to the surgeon
  6. Surgeon reviews and confirms the design
  7. Titanium implant is manufactured and supplied sterile

CT Scan Protocol