Mandible Templates & Guides

Simple planning for better outcomes!

Surgical templates and guides are patient specific tools derived from the patient's CT scan data designed prior to the surgery to improve the surgical outcome. Surgical Templates can be used to plan incisions, osteotomies and accurate implant placement. 

Bone Resection Templates (BRTs)

From the CT scan data, Anatomics can design cutting guides based on the surgeon's instructions to facilitate intra-operative skeletal osteotomies. Guides and templates can also include holes to guide implant placement.


Bone Harvest Templates (BHTs)

For patients with tumours or osteoradionecrosis in the mandible, a bone harvest template (BHT) may aid the accurate harvesting of bone (from the leg or hip) and the precise fit.


A prefabricated BHT together with a corresponding BRT may save time and produce a better outcome.

Mandible BHT.JPG (1)