Surgical BioModels

Simple planning for better outcomes!

Surgical BioModels are an anatomical model derived from the patient's CT scan data and provide a tactile representation of the patient’s anatomy and condition. Surgical BioModels can assist with the diagnosis of the condition and the precise planning of the sequence of surgery. Surgical BioModels can be used to plan incisions and osteotomies and can be sterilised and used as an intra-operative navigation tool. Clinical data shows Surgical BioModels reduce total surgery time and therefore reduce patient exposure to anaesthetics and blood loss.


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 Supporting Evidence

  • 82% of surgeons claimed BioModels significantly improved planning1
  • 95% of surgeons claimed BioModels significantly improved diagnosis1
  • Operating theatre time was reduced by an average of 45mins/operation1
  • 88% of patients suggested that the BioModels were helpful for informed consent1
  • 31% of surgeons believed that the surgical result was unachievable without the BioModel2
  • 78% of surgeons claimed the outcome was either ‘better’ or ‘much better’2

CT Scan Protocol


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