Patient Specific Surgical Tools

Anatomics Patient Specific Surgical Tools (PSSTs) are medical devices individually designed from 3D CT scan data. The PSSTs can assist surgeons to make clinical decisions pre-operatively and transfer planning to the operating room. PSSTs may include:

Surgical BioModels

Anatomical models that provide a tactile representation of the patient’s anatomy and condition, often provided with a Patient Specific Implant (PSI). More>>

Bone Resection Templates (BRTs)

Cutting guides to facilitate intra-operative skeletal osteotomies. More>>

Bone Harvest Templates (BHTs)

Guides to assist with the harvest and shaping of bone grafts, often used in conjunction with a BRT. More>>

Implant Positioning Templates (IPTs)

Provide a guide for the correct implant position and orientation. More>>