Spinal Applications

SpineTube Kit

The SpineTube is a patient specific surgical tool which is used during minimally invasive spine surgery. It is used to provide clear access to the lumbar spine and eliminates the need for expensive and inconvenient tube clamping systems as it is fixated directly onto the spine using single screw fixation.

 SpineTube Kit1.JPG SpineTube Kit2.JPG


The SpineGuide is a patient specific surgical tool designed for minimally invasive spine surgery and is used to assist with the accurate alignment and placement of pedicle screws.

 SpineGuide2.JPG SpineGuide1.JPG


The SpineReport is a proposal to the surgeon to assist with the pre-planning of spinal procedures. It allows the surgeon to select from a range of optional products to assist with the surgery. The SpineReport describes and proposes:

  • General patient details
  • Fusion Levels/approach
  • Screw lengths, diameters, positions and angles
  • Rod lengths and diameters
  • Cage size
  • Tissue depth