MCNplus and the range of bipolar forceps have been specifically designed for Neurosurgeons. MCNplus is the first electrosurgical unit in a new class to use Quantum Molecular Resonance to cut and coagulate.


  • Brain and spinal tumour surgery
  • Aneurysm and AVM surgery
  • Paediatric neurosurgery
  • Neurotrauma surgery
  • Spinal surgery

Slim, sturdy and tip size range

The bipolar forceps are slender and precise providing excellent control for smaller keyhole access with a variety of tip sizes available (0.25mm to 2.00mm).

No irrigation

Gas cooling equipment or liquid irrigation is not required in the operating theatre.

Cost effective

The reusable bipolar forceps offer significant financial savings to the hospital.9

Unique forceps cut function

The innovative and exclusive cut function turns the bipolar forceps into monopolar ‘chomping’ tips to cut through tissue.