The ‘Wizard’ – Custom Titanium Orbital Implant

Orbital floor and wall reconstruction pre-made from the patient’s CT scan data

The Wizard is a pre-shaped titanium implant manufactured from the patient’s own CT scan data. The Wizard can minimise implant shaping time in the operating theatre and improve the surgical outcome. A BioModel is provided with each case.



  • Custom made from 0.3mm surgical grade titanium sheet
  • Anatomically mirror matched contour
  • Rigid to retain contour during implantation
  • No coarse or serrated edges for smooth insertion
  • Superior side with polished mirror-like finish
  • Inferior side with a textured matt finish that may assist with tissue adhesion
  • Orbital rim fixation fingers to maintain posterior loft
  • Countersunk screw holes


  • Surgeon can design the implant and advise fixation points
  • Online implant design service available via AnatomicsC3D
  • BioModel and Wizard prototype can be sent to the surgeon for review as part of the design process
  • BioModel of the complete orbits is provided with each case

CT Scan Protocol