Design your custom implant

Anatomics now offers “AnatomicsC3D”; collaborative online services for surgeons to view CT scan data and facilitate implant design for complex cases. AnatomicsC3D comprises of our two services listed below:


An interactive online service that provides a platform to remotely collaborate with Anatomics


The surgeon and other parties can “join” the interactive session from separate locations, see the screen of the Anatomics Radiographer/operator and discuss areas to be resected (for tumour cases) or other issues relating to implant design. There is no software to install at the hospital or on the surgeon’s computer, only a valid email address and an internet connection is required.


1)      Send Anatomics the patient CT scan.

2)      Confirms a suitable date/time for AnatomicsC3D session.

3)      Anatomics sends an email invitation containing a hyperlink.

4)      At the agreed time, click on the link and view our screen.

5)      The surgeon can access the mouse, control the cursor and show/describe key features.



AnatomicsC3DView is an autonomous application for surgeons to review a case design online


1)      Send Anatomics the patient CT scan.

2)      Anatomics sends an email containing a hyperlink that directs the surgeon to the design online.

3)      The surgeon can review the design to approve it or alternatively, request a revision.



For assistance with the usage of the software please contact Anatomics and we can walk you through the process.